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All movies have been removed for security purposes!
The only videos that will be available are: Movies and Game Trailers.
In addition, I am sorry if this is a bummer for my blog viewers.


News Update: (09/28/11)

- Replaced some of the old movie links with newer DVD quality URL links.
- Added 5 new movies:
X-Men First Class
Fast Five
I Am Number Four
Super 8

More will be added soon.
Site maintenance will be performed every Monday, and Wednesday.


News Update: (09/27/11)

- Minor coding changes.
- Links are now in sync.

The rest of the updates should be completed Wednesday. (September 29, 2011)


News Update: (09/24/11)

-Updated a few icon issues.
-Tweaked layout design.

Future Updates:
-Navigation links will be in synch.
-Possibly change/add navigation icons
-Will be adding DVD quality links to current featured movies in the archives.
-I will also be adding some new movies as well.
-Update new listings of soon to come Movies/Games.

These updates should take place Monday and Wednesday.
Also, Battlefield 3 Beta opens on Sept. 29, 2011, and Sept. 27, 2011 if you purchased the Medal of Honor Tier 1 (Limited Edition.) So, be sure to look into that!

Please check back soon for more updates.


News Update: (08/29/11)

Movies added:

To watch these movies click the movie icon on the (<--- left).

Also, if you liked this blog please contribute by clicking the advertisement on the right located above the Affiliates Icon. By clicking the ad you're helping to support this blog. The more support I get from your contributions the better the site can become. Via: new URL, more content, advanced layouts, even a community forum.

So please help us as much as possible on the daily basis. All you have to do to show your support is click the ad and close it out. That's it!

I will add more content once I find better quality of the new releases.

Thank You,
-Trailer Junkie Media Staff


Movie Archive Release: 08/03/11

As of today, you can watch the full movie of all the new releases here: http://trailerjunkiemoviearchives.blogspot.com/p/movie-archives-2011.html

Current movies available are:
-Kung Fu Panda 2
-Transformers 3
-Friends with Benefits
-Captain America
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
-Horrible Bosses

(Please Note:) Be sure to read our Legal Policy: Click Here!


News Update: (05/10/11)

New Board Features:
New! Homepage Icon located next to the twitter icon on the left side of the board, to return back to the news feed.

New movie trailers:

-30 Minutes or Less
-Conan the Barbarian
-Crazy, Stupid, Love.
-Rise of the Planet of the Apes
-The Devil's Double
-The Debt
-The Smurfs


News Update: (05/06/11)

Just to inform my viewers I haven't gave up on this blog. I will be releasing some updates soon. Due to the tornado's that hit Alabama I have been going down there to help stabilize the company I work for. I will be back soon to update the blog just keep checking back for updates. I hope to have some new stuff up by next week if my schedule isn't tied up with work.


News Update: (4/24/11)

New Movie Trailers:
-Stake Land
-Dylan Dog - Dead of Night

New Game Trailers:
-Prey 2
-Mortal Combat 9

News Update: 4/24/11

-Added Legal Policy to the top right corner of the blog layout. Please be sure to look over this policy.

-Added the TV Show Button. Once I have some more shows gathered up I will start adding them to the page.

-I have a few new trailers that I am sure you will enjoy once I upload them which will be tomorrow.

-Also, tomorrows plans will include changing the display to update the new trailer which I will be adding.


News Update: (4/22/11)

Should have some more content added tonight that's if I have time. If not be expecting it this weekend. Also, I am currently working on adding TV shows!!! The coding should be complete around 2-3 weeks. I will release a preview soon.


News Update: (4/19/11)

-New layout added
-New pages
-Changing Preview Display
-New Banner